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Skip Tyler

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What a whirlwind it has been the last few weeks and months. Eric retired as the Educational Specialist for Secondary Science in Henrico County Public Schools, Virginia at the end of June. Skip retired as the Educational Specialist for High School Mathematics in Henrico County Public Schools at the end of August. Together, we worked tirelessly to design and develop a consulting business that we would want to use in our previous positions.

What does that look like? First and foremost, our focus is on building strong relationships and forming a partnership with our educational clients. Our core belief is that anything is possible if we work together as a team! We want to work with you to deliver professional learning that is ongoing and embedded. All of this with a focus on instructional best practices and building the capacity of teachers, administrators, schools, and districts. 

 Please reach out to either of us with questions or comments. We look forward to the many opportunities ahead!

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