Eric Rhoades’ career is dedicated to shaping the future of education and the workforce. Eric is a seasoned professional committed to driving transformative change within the realm of teaching, learning, and leadership. His journey as an educator and leader has spanned over three decades, and he is fueled by the relentless pursuit of fostering excellence and growth within educational and workforce landscapes. As the Co-Founder and Lead Science Consultant of the Collaborative Teaching and Learning Group Consulting, LLC, Eric continues to work closely with local, state, and national organizations to further science education through innovative practices.

Most recently, he served as the Secondary Science Educational Specialist for Henrico County Public Schools (HCPS) in Virginia. His responsibilities included leadership development for administrators and teachers, professional learning and coaching teachers, curriculum design and development, and program creation and planning. During his tenure, Eric designed the Center for Environmental Studies and Sustainability, a one-of-a-kind Virginia center where students use a field-based approach to learning.

Eric also served the Virginia Department of Education for over 10 years. His most recent role was as the Director of Science and Health Education. His primary role was to lead the science education program for Virginia which included the development of the standards, professional learning, and partnerships with stakeholders throughout the Commonwealth. Eric has served as the President of the Virginia Science Education Leadership Association and Virginia Mathematics and Science Coalition. Eric has a BS in Biology with a minor in Chemistry and an M.Ed. in Instructional Leadership.